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Auto Glass Digest Pledges $10,000 To Gabbie Bark Fund


One of the most incredible opportunities digital media affords society is the ability to bring people and resources together to achieve a common goal. Today, Auto Glass Digest and sister company ADAS Warehouse are reaching out to our online communities to share our efforts to give back to Jamie Bark, a man that is both an industry colleague and friend. For the entire month of August, we are pledging $10,000 to the GoFundMe page of Gabbie Bark. All advertising revenue from Auto Glass Digest and a portion of proceeds for every Autel®ADAS recalibration kit purchased from ADAS Warehouse will go directly to Gabbie Bark’s GoFundMe account.

Together, we can make an immediate impact for Gabbie and the entire Bark Family! Click here to read more about Gabbie’s story and contribute to her GoFundMe page.

Please reach out to carrie@adaswarehouse.com for more information or when you make a contribution so you can help us reach our goal for Gabbie!