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The World’s Largest Vehicle Claims Company Launches Innovation Lab: Safelite Works

Safelite Works is a new innovation lab headed up by VP of Digital and Customer Innovation Bruce Millard and Kathy Domer acting as the...

Datum Dilemma – Fixed Glass Parts

Datum’s, locator’s, locator pin’s, those little critters used by engineers in the robotic manufacturing of vehicles to repetitively and precisely locate a part on...

Autoglass expands ADAS calibration program

Samsung’s ‘Smart Windshield’ Tackles Motorcycle Safety

Ford Patented Movie Windshield For Driverless Cars

Acoustic Laminates Market Grows in Auto Glass

World Patent Marketing Introduces Windshield Tear-Off

NHTSA Legally Approves GM’s Full View Mirror

HUD Systems: Augmented Reality Is Coming to Your Windshield