1 February 2017 – Bend, OR – GlasWeld announces it has requested a dismissal from its patent infringement case against Michael and Christopher Boyle following the recent bankruptcy of Mike Boyle.

Shiloh Spoo, president of GlasWeld, stated, “Due to Michael Boyle’s recent Chapter 11 filing and Christopher Boyle’s apparent departure from the industry, we have decided it best to move forward and continue to innovate.” Spoo continued, “Over the past few years, we have invested heavily in a whole new line of windshield repair tools that have unmatched technology. Our desire for creativity and innovation has only grown stronger over the years. We will continue to develop, patent, and protect new products.”

GlasWeld recently introduced the ProVac Zoom Windshield Repair Injector and the ProCur+ Curing Light. The ProVac Zoom has several advantages over its predecessors, featuring patent-pending Z-Mount Technology, which utilizes a ratchet system and quick release lever. The ProCur+ light is GlasWeld’s fastest Curing light ever. It gives a 360° cure in less than 60 seconds using LED curing technology. It also has new, lighter housing with a built-in timer.
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