Heather Storm Host of Garage Squad to Join Our Podcast at SEMA 2017


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Heather is currently the host of Velocity’s hit show, Garage Squad, which is currently in it’s 4th season. The hit show follows Heather and her male co-stars as they crash garages helping owners refurbish their distressed, classic hot rods and getting them back on the road!

Aside from Garage Squad and TV, Heather has developed a deep love of nature and adventure, from growing up in the foothills of the Big Snowy Mountains in Montana thus inspiring her mission to protect our earth. Armed with a degree in Environmental Science, she is an advocate for sustainable tourism and marine conservation. She has even designed “Eco Conscious” toolkits for the Caribbean Hotel Association and as a SCUBA Rescue Diver, assisted with protecting the queen conch population around the Turks & Caicos Islands! With a love of travel, Heather has trekked through remote areas on every major continent, and her wanderlust has led her to explore more than 20 countries around the world!

Heather is also a successful business woman and marketing guru, specializing in hospitality, fine wine, spirits, and cuisine. She pioneered a niche market as the Co-founder and CEO of Black LAB, a boutique eco-event company who’s fresh juice cocktails and dedication to sustainable events are setting new industry standards.

As a certified fitness trainer and conscious living expert, Heather shares her knowledge and adventures on her blog, Eco-Conscious Living, a resource for all things “green”; travel, health and recipes. She currently splits her time between Chicago and Los Angeles.

*Photo credit: Miguel Amodio