BigCommerce recently published an article on the study of e-commerce trends and how modern customers shop in 2017. The article stated “The secret to success in 2017 is no longer just get it out there and see how it performs. The most successful retailers are strategic and targeted in their efforts, both offline and on.”

Some 79 percent of American consumers now shop online. And businesses must continue to evolve to deliver their products and services in today’s most desired format to reach consumers when and where they want at the touch of a finger. In addition, it’s no secret that consumers want well-trained, reliable professionals and unmatched levels of service and dependability when it comes to taking care of their most prized possessions.


At Dwyer Group, we have spent the last 35 years amassing a skilled labor force that can meet our customers’ expectations in their most dire times of need. And now we are combining the expertise of our vetted, skilled professionals across our service brands with the convenience of one single online platform to connect our customers to these professionals.

Earlier this year, Dwyer Group launched an overarching brand that helps customers find a trusted and professional service provider – from landscaping and plumbing to auto glass installation and more. Neighborly is a comprehensive home services platform that leverages Dwyer Group’s nearly 2,700 professional home service experts across 13 brands in the U.S. and Canada. This Neighborly platform offers a direct service function to provide consumers assistance with nearly all aspects of their home.

Like many of our services brands, including Mr. Appliance, Window Genie, Mr. Handyman and Glass Doctor, each delivers prompt and trustworthy service. Needing glass replaced is always a time sensitive repair. Whether the repair is needed for your home or your automobile, Glass Doctor provides service via mobile service units or by visiting a store, all of which you can set up using the Neighborly website, with most repairs taking less than an hour.


Neighborly adds a human trust element that has been missing from the home services industry. Consumers no longer need to cross their fingers in hopes that their home service provider will be a trustworthy and reliable professional, since all of Dwyer Group’s franchisees are vetted and their system embodies their strict code of values.
Meanwhile, the evolution of technology now allows a tool like Neighborly to bring it all together. Consumers simply enter their zip code on the Neighborly website, select the service desired and are matched with professional, local Neighborly providers. Additionally, Neighborly acts as a total home caregiver by providing homeowners the ability to access their home service history across multiple service providers and delivering maintenance reminders specific to their home with the ability to adjust and set reminders accordingly.

By combining the high-tech with the high-touch of skilled service professionals, the service trades are continuing to evolve and drive disruption in their respective industries. This marketing evolution is allowing the time and energy spent on building a brand into a household name in the marketplace to reach intended consumers in the best way possible. Dwyer Group and Neighborly will continue to play a large role in the future of home services striving to always provide customers with the best home service experience.

Mike Bidwell, President and CEO, Dwyer Group®

 Mike Bidwell has led Dwyer Group and its concepts at every level. He was a successful and visionary franchisee and served as president for three Dwyer Group subsidiary franchise companies. In 2000, Dwyer Group named him chief operating officer (COO) and in 2007, Bidwell was also named president. In January of 2014, he was named president and CEO of Dwyer Group. For more information visit